Random Acts of kindness

I did an random act of kindness all seven days for the assignment. There is always something nice you can do for a person. my first day as soon as I left class i gave high-fives  to the students that have disabilities when I was walking to my dorm.

Doing that really made me feel good about myself because people don’t normally speak to them. After i did that i noticed that shouldn’t only do that because my professor told me to be nice for a week but it should be a common life choice. everyone deserve a high five every once in a while just so that know that are noticed and appreciated.

An act of kindness that was done for me was my mentee supporting me after I made a bad decision and I was pretty hard on myself about it. People being too hard on themselves can  really put them in a deeper hole. After I received that support from someone who’s cares I felt a lot better about how i was feeling.

Random acts of kindness can really add light to someone’s day and really have them appreciate all the pro in life rather than focusing on the cons. Being kind to everyone also means being kind to yourself. Not getting in big trouble staying above the influence is a great start to have a mind set of committing random acts of kindness everyday.


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