Election results coverage

Part 1
I played Trump’s Wall. I played at least 5 rounds of the game trying to build a tower of blocks. It’s was pretty fun it had funny quotes that Trump said through the whole election.

I got really competitive with the game and had my roommates play it too. They thought it was corny because it was of Trump and the goal of the game was to build a wall for immigrants. I thought it was another way to prompt the election and getting people to know what’s going on with the nation.

The game reminded me of other games in the App Store. It was more creative by using the crazy things our future President have said about our country and how strong he believes we need a wall for the country. The game to me raised awareness to what is intentions are for his presidency.

Part 2

I started watching the the result coverage as soon as I got off of work around 9:30-10. It was on while I was at work and Hillary was in the lead at the time. I was on twitter watching live tweets for this huge day in history.

At first I stated watching the result coverage at my friends apartment then I went to my dorm and watched the rest. I stopped watching and went to bed around 2:30 when it was clear Trump will be the winning candidate. Twitter was where I got most of my information if I didn’t watch it on channel 10.

Twitter had live tweets the hashtag that was used mainly was #ElectionNight. Instagram had a lot of post on my explore page. I’m really not even surprised at the results because Trump has always been an impactful leader whether people agreed or not. IMG_3429.PNG


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