Election time

Social Media was a huge component to the election. It was a huge crutch to inform the nation about the election, how important it is, and everyone should go vote to make a difference. Twitter was one of the busiest networks that people used to get information of the election.

The results didn’t come in until 3 am and everyone found out so quickly because of that fact twitter was on top of it all. Every single TV network what aired the result coverage also had a twitter account giving updated information as well. Using social media definitely helped spread the word about everything that is going on.

Snapchat was another network that had channels giving you live personal coverage on the whole election. It doesn’t matter if they were in the comfort of their homes or in a crowd in D.C. There was a way for people to connect with others sharing opinions and get information about the progress of the election.

Social media covered this whole election from cover to cover.


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