Apple wants to see more unity

Apple have recently released a new holiday ad called Frankie’s Holiday. It begins with the monster Frankenstein sitting by himself recording a song on his iPhone. He then walks to a downtown area where people are shopping with their family. The whole community it’s at first scared to see him outside. Frankenstein peacefully walks on the center by the Christmas tree, puts one green and one red light into his neck and start singing Christmas song. Once he started to feel embarrassed because one of the lights didn’t work a little girl saved him and continued to sing. The the whole town began singing, which made him feel accepted in to the community. With a closing caption saying “Open your heart to everyone”.

Apple’s intention to send a message of unity and acceptance for the holidays received a lot of mixed reviews. It wasn’t as cheerful as they planed it to be, with apple losing 0.10% in shares because there was a relation to the elected President saying people should open their heart and give Donald Trump a full chance as president. Ultimately they called Trump a monster and people shouldn’t just push him away because they are afraid.

A divide was created between voters and apple wanted to help with this campaign. The ad is very touching and it currently can get anyone in the mood for the holidays. For those who wants to dig deep in to the message surely expressed they didn’t like it.


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