The flier is for a pool party for the Students at Wesley College. The color scheme is triadic using Teal, Gold and Violet. The palm trees and sand hills gives a relaxing beach vibe. The message is clear that it Student Affairs will need you to check your email in order to register for the event. 





This flier is for the community of Dover to Walk to fight suicide. The picture that is used shows two women smiling and happy to support a serious cause like suicide prevention. The walk is on Saturday September 16th. There is a gradient with a complimentary color scheme using blue and orange. 



The cover of this magazine has a triadic color scheme using Red, Blue, and Yellow. I gives a super hero feel to the page that has animations like a comic book. The message is clear with good contrast. There are 2 fonts with several variations of font size and color. 






This ad is selling a cold Apple ale. The message is a joke saying an apple walks in a bar to shed light saying but their Apple ale. A complimentary color scheme is use with the red apple and green leaf. 


This ad has a complimentary color scheme using gold and indigo 


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