Low Poly portrait


ahmadLow poly

  1. Project overview: This is a Low Poly self-portrait. It took 10 hours to complete this master piece.I must say this is one of my favorite project so far. I drew several shapes colored each one. I love the colors that came out and I’m actually impressedwith how it turned out.
  2. Message/Audience: When I was creating this I wanted to be creative. I put some shapes together to have diamonds through out the image. I was always told diamonds last forever and its just a rock that handles pressure extremely well. This project was an expression of how i feel about all the new things I’m leaning. I am under a lot of pressure but I am excelling through it all.
  3. Things you learned:  Short cuts are my best friend, it saved a lot of time. Using the shape building tool was a little tricky because I needed to remember lines i made shapes to vectorize them.
  4. Meeting with instructor: He helps me with my shape building and using the pen and line tool. tracing the image was the most challenging part and Mr. Pingel helped me through that.




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