Project 11: Find a Client Project

ahmad Client.jpg

  1. Project overview:For this project i had to find a client to do design work for. I found out a coworker is a cake decorator and she needed some help with a flier.
  2. Message/Audience: The message is for anyone who love desserts just as much as she loves to make them. The message is simply “everything is just so magically delicious.”
  3. Things you learned: When working with a client and they are paying for the service, they should have all the information to provide you with. I didn’t get any pictures from my client because of the quality of the pictures.
  4. Meeting with instructor: I originally have a completely different design from what you see. The design i had didn’t meet his guideline of principles for design so he suggested i change the look for the most part. He told me so go more simple.

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