1. Things you learned this semester: In the world of photoshop I have learned how select and mask, blend, create layers to edit elements in a document, and how to imply the good design principles that creates a connection with the audience and the message of the project.
  2. Revisions: I fix my about me assignment I didn’t have enough time to do it right the first time. I fixed my creative self portrait, open house project, and charity event project.

Project 11: Holiday Greeting Card

  1. holiday card
  2. Project overview: I had to make a Christmas card in illustrator. I choose Apple for my client and I drew every thing with the pin tool and shapes
  3. Message/Audience:The message is season’s greeting from your friend at apple
  4. Things you learned: the pintool will never get old.
  5. Color Scheme: Red and Green
  6. Fonts: ChopinScript Helvetica Neue

Project 11: Find a Client Project

ahmad Client.jpg

  1. Project overview:For this project i had to find a client to do design work for. I found out a coworker is a cake decorator and she needed some help with a flier.
  2. Message/Audience: The message is for anyone who love desserts just as much as she loves to make them. The message is simply “everything is just so magically delicious.”
  3. Things you learned: When working with a client and they are paying for the service, they should have all the information to provide you with. I didn’t get any pictures from my client because of the quality of the pictures.
  4. Meeting with instructor: I originally have a completely different design from what you see. The design i had didn’t meet his guideline of principles for design so he suggested i change the look for the most part. He told me so go more simple.

Project 10: Web Page Mockup


  1. Project overview: For this project i have to choose any of the following to design a home page for- Lego, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, or Mazda for a mockup website.
  2. Message/Audience: The message for the ben and jerry’s costumers is we have 3 new flavors for the holiday.
  3. Things you learned:Web design takes a lot of time and patience
  4. Color Scheme: a complimentary red and green scheme for the holidays.
  5. Fonts: chuckfive
  6. Images334195971_1280x720.jpg

Project 10: Surreal Montage

  1. Surreal montage.jpgProject overview:For this Project I have to create a surreal montage. The objective of this project was to blend images together to make this amazing image.
  2. Message/Audience: The message for the audience is you are the only one that can see where you are going.
  3. Things you learned:I learned how to give a new perspective when it comes to elaborating my creative side!
  4. Meeting with instructor: at first I was just blending and not focusing on the objective. My professor reminded how to give the surreal look.
  5. Imagestony-webster-97532.jpgmaxime-valcarce-269439.jpgarto-marttinen-196643.jpgkyaw-tun-390485.jpg

Project 9: Infographic


  1. Project overview: This timeline of Micheal Jackson was for an infographic project.I did some research about my subject Micheal Jackson, then designed custom illustrations that to draw the images.
  2. Message/Audience: The message is learn about The King of Pop.
  3. Things you learned:I learn more and more about the pen tool every time I use it honestly.
  4. Color Scheme: monochromatic blue
  5. Fonts: Moonlights on the Beach and Microsoft Yi Baiti

Creative Self Portrait

ahmad portrait-2.jpg

  1. Project overview: I created a self portrait. I needed to take a creative picture of myself, then follow a creative tutorial online to edit- along with other portrait editing stuff I’ve learned. I wasn’t told to just to photograph something creative, but to add particularly creative edits. Then take it and print it professionally off campus.
  2. Things you learned:Using the liquefy tool came in pretty handy.  I enjoyed using it
  3. Meeting with instructor: He showed me how to use the liquefy tool
  4. Photo Information: I took the photos sunday afternoon in front of the college center.

Project 8: Menu

  1. Dinner menuYour project image
  2. Project overview:This Project i had to create a menu for a restaurant call Where Pigs Fly. I had to create a logo and focus on strong hierarchy.
  3. Message/Audience: The message to the costumers of the restaurant is this is what we have and these are the prices
  4. Things you learned:Proximity is KEY. Grouping is becoming more easier by the assignment.

Project 7: Perspective of 12

  1. ahmad
  2. Project overview: This Project we had to take high quality pictures of any subject. This one flower caught my eye and I to catch every angle I could find. I then used Lightroom to edit my pictures and Photoshop to create the collage. The watermark with my initials was created in Illustrator.
  3. Message/Audience: My message is “Find a subject and call it out!” Red and Green is my favorite color scheme because I love how the red contrast with the deep green behind it.
  4. Things you learned:I learned how to use Lightroom. This was the first time I ever used the Adobe software and its was pretty easy to use, thanks to the tutorial my professor provided to the class.
  5. Meeting with instructor: Professor Pingel told me to use gutters and add a texture to the collage.
  6. Color Scheme: A complimentary red and green!